Play, Develop, Ascend

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Here at Be Discovered Football Academy (BDFA), we believe there are many players with huge potential who go unnoticed because there is no platform that allows them to properly showcase it.

Football in England is transitioning away from traditional methods. Money is going into the grassroots game to increase player participation, whilst investment in the elite game is focused on marginal gains to improve performance to the highest level. This is ultimately increasing the gap between Elite youth and Grassroots football.

At BDFA we aim to bridge that gap with our unique coaching which provides aspiring young footballers with the best possible environment from which to progress to the next level. Our experience in professional clubs gives us the ability to identify and nurture talent. 

Our connection to a wide network of professional football clubs allows our players the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a range of scouts and coaches from our associate clubs.

We have the ability and character to identify, coach and motivate players to fulfill their potential. Autonomous, creative and resilient players are what we aim to create.  The opportunities to progress into elite football will be provided to our players using a wide network of professional football clubs associated with BDFA. 

We create an atmosphere focused around player development and this is encapsulated in our mantra; PLAY, DEVELOP, ASCEND.