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In-House Coaching

As part of BDFA we have found that many teams invite us to come out to their own training sessions and as a result we are now pleased to offer this as a service. Attending during your usual training slot, at your training venue; BDFA offers an individualised practise plan determined by the team manager. In line with the team holiday camp syllabus, the training sessions are flexible when it comes to the focus; whether that is a technical or a tactical training emphasis. We can offer the session as a one-off service or based on a regular frequency agreed with the team manager i.e once every fortnight, once every 2 months etc. Coaches on offer will be UEFA B or FA Level 2.

  Price Per Session UEFA B Price Per Session FA Level 2
1st Session FREE FREE
1 Session £70 £60
10 Sessions £60 £50
20 Sessions £50 £45