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July 19, 2017
Summer Training Camps

Summer Training Camps

We're happy to announce our BDFA summer training camp dates. Open to boys and girls aged between 6 - 11 years old, participation in the camps is available for all 3 seperate training weeks. All participants will be split into age appropriate groups during the camps. Dates available for registration are as follows:

Week 3 : Wednesday 23rd Aug - Friday 25th Aug

Camps will begin from 10:00am each day , finishing at 4:00pm. A packed lunch will be required during the camp. 


  • The 3 day camp on the final week will be a cost of £55.00 or £20 per day for 1 - 2 days only.
  • Participation in all 3 training camps will be offered at a total discounted rate of £160 for all training sessions across the camps.


Email us at '' letting us know which camp/s you'd be interested in signing up for and we will provide confirmation of registration and further details.