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''My son already goes to a football academy but BeDiscovered was fun, he tried new skills and learnt new things! Very professional and likable coaching staff" --Sam F.

"My son has really enjoyed training with BDFA. They have helped him with his role as a goalkeeper as he gets dedicated one on one training" --Nicky B.

"My son really enjoys the training with BDFA and looks forward to their sessions each week which is a miracle. He hasn't looked forward to going to football for months. What ever they're doing; they should keep it up"--Sally D.

"The BDFA coaching for my son has been excellent throughout his time with the academy. I've seen a noticeable improvement in my son's performances whilst the environment is always positive with BDFA. I'd recommend the academy to anyone looking to develop their game understanding and playing ability as a young footballer" -- George K.

"I want to thank BDFA for helping my son become the player he is. Technically, he is now one of the best in his team whilst his mobility has improved with the conditioning work at BeDiscovered"-- Paul B.

"My son had fallen out of love with football after being released from a professional academy. We decided to try the BDFA sessions after a year out and it is safe to say that my son is back in love with football. He's picked up where he left off previously whilst BDFA associations have helped us secure a trial with another academy"-- Kev C.